About our name Advaya 

We believe that your relationship with us can only be effective if it remains firmly grounded in trust, respect, and confidence. This relationship can only be so if our interactions remain truthful, sincere, and transparent. We would like to see this belief reflected in the way by which we work, act and communicate. It is said that this focus greatly marks Advaya’s uniqueness.

We adopted the name Advaya to signal not just the intentions of our practice but, moreover, our own perspectives on the character of the healing practice we want to own, operate, and grow.

On this page we explain that the name of our practice acts as more than a brand. We consider it a mark that states our dedication to our work; our commitment to all our clients, and our ethics-driven intentions that remind us daily to work with pride, integrity, and gratitude.


A most basic interpretation of the word Advaya would make it to mean ‘not two without a second’.

It can also be understood as ‘non-duality’ or as a reference to ‘ultimate truth’. More broadly, Advaya can also be used as a reference to ‘identity’, ‘sincere’ or a state of in which ‘internal’ and ‘external’ are the same. The word Advaya has many meanings in Buddhism, Pali, Hinduism, and Sanskrit.

The ‘non-duality’ translation refers to our desire to develop and foster a unique healing practice that in character, focus, and ways of operating cannot be compared to any other. It also refers to our personal uniqueness and as a constant reminder to treat ourselves, each other, and all of our clients as unique, incomparable, and sovereign beings.

Truth & Sincerity

When we translate Advaya as ‘truth’ and ‘sincerity’ we see it stand for the ethics that drive and guide our ways of working. We operate to serve humanity while honouring and acknowledging our natural and spiritual environments.

Other spellings for Advaya

Alternative spelling of the word Advaya are Advay, Adhvay, Adhvaya, Advaaya, Adwaya, Aadvaiaa, Aadvaya, Advaayaa, Advhaya, Advayaa, Advaay

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