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Mondi Den Otter

Principal Therapist

Originally from the Netherlands, Aotearoa (New Zealand) has been my home since 2001.

Over the last twenty years I have worked with countless people to help them manage change professionally and personally. I worked as a management consultant and was later hired by some of the world’s best known brands as an independent advisor. In these roles I left tracks across Europe, the United States, South-east Asia, Australia, and eventually New Zealand.

Throughout my career I was fortunate enough to work with exceptional experts on human behaviour, system and design thinkers, innovators, extraordinary corporate and political leaders, social reformers, cultural hell-raisers, and immensely talented creatives. All those wonderful individuals helped me form deep, broad and sometimes confronting perspectives on how we act, think, and behave as human beings.

By doing so they paved for me a path that would eventually lead me to becoming the healing bodywork therapist I am today.

Toward bodywork therapy

Early 2016 I was given a wonderful opportunity to study Universal Tao Healing with Master Chia in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I was motivated to learn more about the Asian philosophies about life force energies and to apply this understanding to enhance my own life.

The events that followed put my life irreversibly onto new pathways. The meditation and self-healing techniques I had studied brought up significant questions about my identity and many of the perspectives I had fostered throughout my life.

I ventured into an eighteen-month period in which I experienced profound fear, doubt, depression, and anxiety to the point where I needed counselling to keep life ‘on track’ and bearable. It was only in early 2018 that I learned from my Thai instructors that I had ‘successfully’ gone through a profound and complete energetic, mental, and emotional reset.

As it had not stopped me from practicing what I had learned I was now at last considered ‘therapist material’. I was given the name Lighting Rod.

Thai Medicine (Bodywork)

By now I had become familiar with the key philosophies that are foundational to Traditional Chinese Medicine. I had progressed though my study of human physiology and anatomy.

In February 2020 I flew back to Chiang Mai to continue my study in Thai Medicine. I spent seven wonderful but intense weeks under one-on-one tutelage of one of the most amazing bodywork instructors imaginable.

Auntie Na, as she was affectionately and often reverently called, had been a practitioner for almost 45 year. Unconditionally, and always with a smile, she would spend eight or nine hour days with me to teach me her own methods and techniques, many of which may never have been documented. Each day she would be pleasant, filled with humour and jokes, but always relentless when it came to the precision by which each technique had to be executed.

These were seven continuous weeks of daytime practice and seemingly endless hours of night-time study. My gratitude to her remains unmeasurable.

The inception of Advaya Healing

Advaya Healing was formally founded on March 2020. Ironically, the street sign went up a day before New Zealand went into its first COVID lockdown, a moment some considered somewhat auspicious. Instead, I saw nothing but goodness in this confluence; almost as an omen that heralded an unforeseen promise.

Without any advertising I decided to attract clients simply through references. It all started with one or two loyal clients who would visit the brand new practice on Sundays, the only day on which I made treatments available. As my list of clients continued to grow it became necessary for me to open the practice on more days.

As I always intended to personalise treatments for each of my clients the gradual growth of my appointment schedule also meant that I had to spend more time studying their specific conditions and health objectives outside practice hours. At nights I can still be found at the dinner table studying reference books, well after my family has gone to bed, to ensure I will giving each of my clients the right treatment at their next visit.

The powers of Myofascial Release

Somewhat incidentally, another bodywork therapist who was well familiar with the treatments I provided suggested I should look into studying myofascial release.

It took one initial and short introduction course for me to see that this type of bodywork allowed me to deepen all that I had learned in Thailand. I suspected that by combining my knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, experience with Traditional Thai Bodywork, and all that Myofascial Release had to offer, a series of unique and powerful bodywork therapies could be created.

I felt I had at last discovered a missing element – a bodywork modality that connected traditional oriental healing bodywork with a Western form of manual therapy.

When I first opened my myofascial release study books I somehow felt I had finally arrived home.

The uniqueness of my bodywork

What my clients experience when they visit me is the application of a unique and inimitable blend of oriental and western bodywork styles, methods, and techniques.

Each treatment considers their distinct bio-energetic configuration. They experience relief through careful and informed manipulation of trigger and pressure points. Sessions focus not just on relaxing muscles but on gradual and gentle unwinding of their all-important fascia. While they relax they experience bodywork that helps them gain new and often fresh perspectives on their individuality.

With treatments that were specifically designed with their entire being in mind, I help clients become more grounded, emotionally balanced, and mentally resilient.

Each client helps me continue my healing bodywork. More so than anyone else, my clients are Advaya Healing. They are the wonderful, often courageous, and always life-conscious people that are giving this healing bodywork practice both life and what I hope will become a wondrous future.

Each knows that I am and will always be grateful to all of them.

Accreditations & qualifications

  • Universal Tao Healing I | Master Chia | Chiang Mai – Thailand

  • Universal Tao Healing II | Master Chia | Chiang Mai – Thailand

  • Nuad Bo’Rarn | Sabai | Chiang Mai – Thailand

  • Herbal Compress Therapy | Sabai | Chiang Mai – Thailand
  • Thai Oil Massage | Sabai | Chiang Mai – Thailand

  • Tok Sen Therapy | Sabai | Chiang Mai – Thailand
  • Medicinal Cupping | Sabai | Chiang Mai – Thailand

  • Table Massage | Sabai | Chiang Mai – Thailand

  • Myofascial Release – Advanced Upper Body | Beth Beauchamp | New Zealand

  • Myofascial Release – Advanced Lower Body | Beth Beauchamp | New Zealand
  • Anatomy Trains | Tom Myers | Remote online training 2021

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