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For us to grow and expand a practice like Advaya no promotion is more powerful than positive word of mouth. Rather than advertising both on- and offline we believe that our client’s opinions of our work should speak loudest. We prefer the honest voices of those we work with to characterise who we are as therapists, and what we are as practice.

If you received at least one treatment from us and have not already published a review of our work, we invite you to do so now.

How to publish a Facebook review

To publish a Facebook review you must have a current Facebook account. Publishing a Facebook takes less than two or three minutes. Follow these simple six steps to write one now.

  • Navigate to our Advaya Healing Facebook Reviews page here (

  • If the link above does not guide you to our Review Page, look for the ‘Reviews’ tab on the top left under the cover image. Click the Reviews tab to open the Reviews Page.

  • Click ‘Yes’ to recommend our Advaya Healing page

  • Write your recommendation. You can also upload a photo along with the recommendation text.

  • You can also choose a tag to further describe your experience. Using a tag can make your review more informative to others.

  • Click ‘Post’

How to publish a Google review

You can write a Google Review from any internet-connected device. Publishing a Google Review takes less than two or three minutes. Follow these simple four steps to write one now.

  • Find Advaya Healing on Google

  • In the Advaya Healing Business Panel click the ‘Write a Review” button. 

  • Follow the instructions to complete the Review Form.
  • Save or Submit your Review.

Your reviews on Advaya

The reviews you give us may also appear on our Advaya Healing website. This is managed automatically by our web site which means that all reviews, both good and bad, are published on Advaya Healing.

If you have questions about how we publish your reviews on our Advaya Website, please contact us through our Contact Page.

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