Experience bodywork differently

The way you experience the bodywork of a committed, dedicated and professional therapist will differ vastly from that of anyone else. You will immediately sense the presence of a trustworthy and engaged professional with a touch that feels alive, directed, and assured. You must sense immediately that the work is performed effectively, responsibly, and ethically with all aspects of your being.

Only under such hands will you experience how treatments can unfold – beautifully, silently, and peacefully, as integrated, cohesive, and fluid sequences of actions that are performed calmly, deliberately, and with purpose.

This, then, is how you should experience your next Advaya Healing bodywork treatment.

Connecting without ego

At your next session you might correctly sense and feel that the treatments we perform are more than a mere expression of our therapeutic skills and competencies. We consider each a meditative practice that requires us to stay mindful and fully present in each breath while we work with you.

We believe that our work is only possible when we remain sensitive to the even the subtlest physical, emotional, and energetic shifts that occur within you during treatments. We know from experience that each of these responses, irrespective how small and seemingly insignificant, offers clues as to how, where, and when your body want to be treated next.

You are the healer

We do not heal you. We do not improve you, optimise you, or make you better in any way. The person who does all that is you, and only you.

Our role is to help you facilitate physical and emotional change. Our work is to remind your body about its inherent healing capacities and capabilities. We absolutely believe that your body already knows what it needs to do to function effectively and efficiently. We just provide help to guide its healing process and may therefore accelerate the necessary physical and emotional change.

We will never work on you. We will always work with you. The wondrous process of physical and emotional change happens nowhere – but within you.

Respecting your uniqueness

Your energetic, physical, and emotional responses to each intervention will always be unique. The shifts in your body and mind will be initiated by countless subtly nuanced and nonverbal negotiations between you and our hands. Continued over a series of treatments these events create for you an unfolding healing journey that consists of countless energetic, physical, and emotional changes. Although we perform each technique, each method, and each intervention with clear and logical intent, the outcomes will always remain unpredictable. Some of these can be subtle and nuanced. Others can be profound and ground breaking. As each technique and method we apply will always be unique and nonreplicable, each session adopts therefore a truly unique signature.

Creating and Holding Space

In developing Advaya as a physical practice we made ourselves responsible for the creation of a space in which you can safely and gracefully deconstruct and reconstruct yourself. In that space we offer you the treatments that can help you dissolve trauma, unnecessary thought patterns, and self-damaging perspectives. In this space we hope to see you eventually fall back into more natural flows of energies that finally allow you to heal deeper, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Practicing with Gratitude

As professional bodyworkers we approach each treatment in the spirit of respect, gratitude, and humility. We will value the quality of our exchanges with you. We meet you with an intent to serve you to the best of our therapeutic abilities. By applying our skills and knowledge practically, and without egoistic and self-centered attachments to the results we help create, it is our intent to contribute to the relief of human suffering.

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