Welcome to Advaya Healing

We are a unique bodywork healing practice located at New Zealand’s beautiful Kāpiti Coast. 

We work with life-conscious people who, on their own terms, aspire to take firmer control over their health, happiness, and well-being.

Our practice rooms are located:

Advaya Healing
6 Beach Road
Paekakariki 5034
Kapiti Coast | New Zealand
Mobile Phone: 021 523 283

From Beach Road, find the gate to the pathway and enter the practice through the green door on your right.

Travel by Car

Beach Road provides ample parking facilities on the side where the practice is located. Please observe the maximum parking time restrictions, as sign posted on each side of the road.

Parking on Wellington Road, which is the first road on your right, is less restricted.

Travel by Train

To visit our practice by train, either from northern or southern direction, exit the train station on the side of the railway crossing, which is clearly visible from both platforms.

Once you arrived at this crossing, walk to the right and follow Beach Road for approximately 100 meters on the right.

Travel by Bus

When traveling by bus, ask the driver to take you to the stop closest to Beach Road.

If the driver can only stop at the Paekakariki train station, follow our directions as given here to those who travel by train

Building a unique bodywork practice

Giving you peace of mind: We are certified therapists who are working collectively to grow a reputable, legitimate, and properly managed healing practice.

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Terms of Use

The page that outlines how your should use our website. These Terms aim to promote most meaningful and rewarding visitations and interactions with our website. They also aim to clarify and protect our mutual rights and obligations; ours as your hosts and yours as a user of our site.

Our Terms aim to do more than protecting our website from uninformed and ill intended use. They also aim to protect your identity, and our practice, brand, products, and services from willful damage.

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Protecting your Privacy

That the Personal Information you share with us throughout the course of each treatment stays confidential with us should be taken as certain. That convention does not cover how we treat the information you share with us online. Our Privacy Statement aims to close that gap.

It explains how we safeguard the information your submit online and that we will never share it with other individuals and parties. It also states you can ask us to delete our records at any time, for any reason.

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Our Operating Principles

Unfortunately, our business sector remains largely unregulated in New Zealand. It is not governed by a proper Charter of Ethics, nor are there Standards for Professional Conduct or formal Practice Quality Guidelines.

Although many practitioners appear to simply accept this situation we believe that the absence of such regulations can put both you and our practice at risk. To protect both you and ourselves we decide to write and publish on our site our own Operating Principles.

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Your Questions

Because healing treatments are so personal, our most valued customers remain highly discerning about our work. They expect ongoing assurance that we act effectively, and that we keep their safety on the forefront of our minds. They want to feel understood, respected, and seen for who and what they are.

Openness, transparency, and honesty are keywords here. Our Frequently Asked Questions page, which we update regularly, aims to exemplify our intentions.

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Advaya Healing Company Information

Giving you peace of mind: We are certified therapists who are working collectively to grow a reputable, legitimate, and properly managed healing practice.