Our latests healing bodywork journals

We regularly publish healing journals that reflect our bodywork learning. Sometimes published as meandering ponderings, each blog should hold some meaning that we believe might somehow be valuable to your healing journey.

We occasionally take liberties to publish articles that aim to gently provoke our perceptions and thinking. At times we may also blog about the development of our healing bodywork practice, or about the improvements we are making to this site. We may share with you our own unresolved bodywork questions or, on the other hand, therapeutic complexities we excitedly figured out ourselves.

Irrespective our chosen themes or topics, our journals are always written with the intent to inform and inspire you. Our words must be authentic, and our texts must always be original. We hope you like what we publish and welcome you warmly to our our healing bodywork journal.

  • Bodywork therapy and bio-energetic modulation

    Too many bodywork therapists believe that it is their job to super charge their clients. Re-energizing them is good, but there are drawbacks.

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Our healing bodywork journals…

  • The unavoidable male-female bodywork question

    Some people question how male bodyworkers can work objectively with undressed females.. What matters: professionalism, respect, and maturity.

  • About Bodywork Therapy – and Scars

    Scars, our physical imperfections, belong in our bodywork treatment room. They should not be sources of shame. Let's change the conversation.

  • COVID and Advaya’s practice re-opening

    In as much as it is flattering to still receive enquiries about the opening hours of our bodywork practice, we stay closed. For now...

  • Invitation to Subscribe to Bodywork News

    If we were to offer Special Treatment Deals, how would you find out about them? The answer is a digital newsletter to which you can subscribe.

  • Making Treatment Bookings Convenient

    You can now book your next treatments conveniently online from any web-connected device. It's easy, quick, secure, and reliable. We welcome you to Advaya's very own Online Booking System!

  • Polishing-up our Healing Journal

    Putting together our new Advaya Healing site is exciting work. Yet, of all the writing I have to do I enjoy publishing our new healing journals most. Here is the underlaying story..

  • Designing Advaya’s Website

    After weeks of writing new content for Advaya's website it is now time to publish it online. This journal explains how this will happen, and what you can expect to happen over the next few weeks. 

  • New Practice Beginnings

    Like with any other business, setting up a healing practice takes time. Especially if the intent is to do it properly and professionally. The good news is that we are making progress.