What is essential bodywork treatment and therapy care?

Essential body treatment and therapy care are the actions you and your therapist can take to keep you safe during and after your bodywork treatments. There are certain things you can do well in advance of your session to ensure you remain physically and emotionally comfortable during your treatment. Preparation can also prolong the effects of the bodywork treatment, which makes treatment sessions more effective. Other actions may affect you aversely and in undesired ways.

We have been praised many times for the therapeutic care we offer before, during, and after bodywork treatments. We help you prepare for your treatments and work closely with you during your visits, in complete alignment with your individuality and uniqueness. We help you understand the likely effects of your treatment and remain on-call after your session to help you embed the physical and emotional changes you may be experience.

It is our aim to give you the best, most optimal, and most effective bodywork treatments and therapies possible. These pages explain how we can achieve this together.

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How to prepare for a personalised bodywork treatment?

How do you prepare for a personalised bodywork treatment? It is best to expect wonderful and profound physical, mental, and emotional shifts.

Click here to learn more about how you can prepare yourself best for your personalised bodywork treatments.

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How to make your bodywork treatment effective and enjoyable

What to do to make a bodywork therapy enjoyable and effective? Here are the valuable session preparation lessons we learned from our clients.

Click here to learn more about the things you can do to make your bodywork treatment effective and enjoyable.


How to stay well and balanced after your bodywork treatment

Proper and informed self-care is very important after you received a bodywork treatment. It should start immediately after your session ends.

Click here to learn more about the things you can do to keep yourself well and balanced after your personalised bodywork treatment

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