Making your bodywork treatment enjoyable and effective

How to make your bodywork treatments enjoyable and effective? Our clients believe that by making some simple preparations they, too, can can greatly affect the outcomes of their bodywork treatments. Here we share some of their most valuable suggestions.

While you will be preparing for your bodywork treatment, your therapist will make our treatment room ready for you. At your arrival you will be welcomed by clean sheets that are draped over the treatment table, and a fresh set of towels will be stacked on top of it. You’ll find a comfortable pillow at its heads-end, and it will be warmed up by an amazing jade-tourmaline crystal mat.

With your preparations, all will be ready to give you an amazing and effective bodywork experience.

Your bodywork treatment record

Before each bodywork treatment your therapist will check the currency of your treatment record. Recent changes in your physical, mental, and emotional state may be added to your file if your therapist believes this information to be useful for the design and delivery of your treatments. Your therapist will be specifically interested in changes in your medical history and how your last treatment affected you both positively or negatively. Each bodywork treatment should be enjoyable and effective.

By updating your treatment record your therapist creates an invaluable source of information that marks and highlights your uniqueness. Over time, as we become familiar with your physical, mental, and emotional state of being, treatments can become increasingly enjoyable and effective.

Your treatment record will be available to only you at all times. Rather than seeing it as our records, we see them as artefacts that we developed with you. This ideas emphasizes that each bodywork treatment is a joint effort between you and ourselves.

Bodywork treatment session information

Even if you already experienced the type of session you requested to receive, your therapist will explain how and where the treatment will be performed. This allows you to ask treatment-specific questions and helps you understand why certain techniques and methods will be applied. Your therapist may use wall charts and diagrams to discuss specific anatomical details, and to introduce you to treatment-specific terms and terminology you may not be familiar with.

In some cases your therapist may ask you to perform an intermediate postural analysis or to take some additional measurements.

Because each bodywork treatment is a collaboration between you and your therapist you will also understand how you can make the treatment more effective during the session. Your therapist may ask you to change positions, or to actively stretch or move a part of your body. Whereas it is certainly important for you to relax during your treatments, your therapist may require you to remain alert and responsive throughout for some periods.

Things to bring and not to bring to make your bodywork treatment enjoyable and effective

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Change of clothes & footwear

You may feel physically different after your bodywork treatment. Many of our regular clients prefer to either wear loose-fitting clothes at their visit. Others bring an extra set to change into after their session.

If you are a female, bring a t-shirt or singlet. This can be worn during the treatment and before returning into the clothing you will be wearing when you leave the practice.

You may want to also read our What to Wear page, on which we explain what you should or could wear to make your bodywork treatment enjoyable and effective.

Fresh water or herbal tea

Although we provide clean mineral water at our practice you may prefer to bring your own. As it is normal to become thirsty during and after your bodywork treatment it is important for you to stay hydrated. Please do not bring soft- or energy drinks.

If you prefer to drink something warm, consider bringing you thermos flask with some of your favourite herbal tea.

We recommend not to bring caffeinated beverages.

We do not permit the consumption of alcohol at our practice.

Leave jewelry home

We will ask you to remove your jewelry before your treatment. This includes bracelets, necklaces, wrist watches, and large ear rings. If you can we would prefer you leave all these home. Otherwise, your therapist will offer you a safe space for storing these during the treatment.

Please inform your therapist of piercings that are or may not be visible during the treatment, even when they are placed at locations that are not treated directly. Your therapist will then try to avoid stressing the skin around these.

Be technology free

To ensure you can enjoy your bodywork treatment undisturbed we ask you to either leave your mobile phone outside the practice, or to switch it off completely.

If you believe others expect you to stay contactable during your session, inform them about your unavailability in advance. To allow yourself time to transition gently back into your daily life after the treatment, we recommend you add at least 30 minutes to your unavailable time.

Be alone

We ask you to come alone to your appointment. We do not offer a waiting room and for you to know that someone is waiting for you at close distance during the session may affect your ability to relax.

We specifically ask you not to bring minors and pets. We are unable to accommodate either. Instead, we suggest you make alternative care arrangements in advance.

Perfumes & body products

Your skin must be in its natural state for us to perform our bodywork methods and techniques correctly and effectively. We ask you therefore not to use oil-based body products at least five hours before your session.

In summer time apply sunscreen sparsely for three hours before your treatment, and avoid direct sunlight for that period.

We also ask you not to apply strong scents and perfumes on the day of your appointment.

Avoid wearing cosmetics for any treatments that require us to work on and around your face.

Hygiene & Cleanliness

For you to be able to relax it is just as important for you to feel clean and hygienic as it is for your therapist to work on a clean body. Therefore, if you can, take a shower before your visit. This is particularly important in summer when its more likely that our skin becomes covered in dust. Sand specifically can make your treatment painful.

Generally, any care you can take in advance of your bodywork treatment to eliminate excessive body odors will be appreciated. However, it is important to not be obsessive about it. We all carry some odors naturally, which you should not worry about.

Alcohol, Medication & Drugs

The consumption of substances that can or will affect you mentally, physically, emotionally or psychological in advance of your bodywork treatment will almost certainly influence how the treatment will affect you. We will not treat you if you are under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs.

If you take medication that affects your alertness, and as prescribed by a licensed medical practitioner, please inform your therapist in advance. In some cases we may recommend you postpone your bodywork treatment until you are no longer required to take these medicines.

Things to do to make your bodywork treatment enjoyable and effective

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Although most of our clients said to feel excited in advance of their first treatment, it is perfectly normal to be somewhat nervous instead.

In most cases you will have already met your therapist at your initial intake assessment. Although many of your questions may have been answered then you still may not be clear or certain on some aspects of the bodywork services we offer. We urge you to raise these questions with your therapist in advance of your bodywork treatment.

You will of course be allowed to ask your therapist for further information during treatments.


It is normal for your breathing to be somewhat unusual in the early stages of a treatment. It may be short, shallow of arrhythmical, especially when you are anxious, stressed or nervous about your visit or treatment. Instead of trying to regulate your breathing yourself, let your therapist help you normalize it.

Your therapist will also monitor your breathing during the bodywork treatment and recommend changes when this will be beneficial to you and your treatment.

The objective is to help you stay in a deep state of calm, serenity, peacefulness and relaxation.

Allow yourself to feel

Our bodywork treatments go beyond the manipulation of your physical being. With each move your therapist continues to destress your tissues and open the lines through which your vital energies flow. This work can invoke emotions with which you might not immediately familiar with, including sudden onsets of shame, guilt, anger, fear, arousal or sadness.

Your therapist is uniquely trained to guide you through these discoveries. We therefore invite you to share your emotions as they arise. They manifestations usually indicate your emotional responses to the bodywork treatment you received.

Please not that your therapist is not a trained psychologist and that no efforts will be made to provide counselling services, should you feel these to be needed.

Be proud (Body confidence)

We invite you to mention any insecurities or discontent you may feel about your physical presence. We have welcomed and successfully worked with many body-conscious peoples, many of whom were unhappy and even ashamed about some aspects of their physique.

As we work with male and female bodies daily, we have come to see that none is truly perfect, including those of ourselves. Yet, we truly believe that our physical manifestation is only one single aspect of who we truly are.

Unless they are of any true significance to your health, happiness and well-being, we might see in whatever you may consider a blemish, imperfection, and size-related aspect nothing more than an emblem of your well-lived personality.

Clarify your expectations

Bodywork can be powerful when it is made effective by a well-trained and experienced therapist. However, like with any other physical or manual therapy, the therapeutic effects we can realise with you remain forever limited.

It important for you to discuss the expectations you may have of our work openly and timely with your therapist. Your therapist can then explain how your expectations can be met, and offer suggestions on what can be done to accelerate and enhance the therapeutic process that may be required.

If your expectations are considered unattainable, your therapist will also explain why this will or may be. If we believe we cannot provide you with the treatments you require we will be happy to suggest or recommend another type of therapy.

Be informed

We believe it is important for you to always make the right bodywork therapy choices. We therefore urge you to research the types of bodywork we provide, and to seek independent advise on our work and our practice.

We will always be happy and willing to answer any bodywork related questions you may have. You may either ask your therapist at your next visit, or send us your question by email through our Contact Us form.

We suggest you contact your medical practitioner to assess whether the types of bodywork we provide are right for you.

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