How to prepare for a personalised bodywork treatment?

How do you prepare for a personalised bodywork treatment? A few simple actions can make a significant difference to the effectiveness of your session. Certain actions and activities are known to enhance the effects of treatments. Others can of course limit these effects, and even cause undesired results.

We recommend you familiarise yourself with the contents of this page before each bodywork treatment. Your therapist may also discuss with you how certain foods, medications, and chemicals can influence the therapeutic effects you hope to gain from your treatment. In some cases, you may have to change some of your normal behaviours and routines for twelve hours before your visit.

To do before your personalised bodywork treatment

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Identify your pain points

If you would like us to address specific physical discomforts be able to identify where and when these occur. Be able to explain when your discomforts become most noticeable, and what movements or positions seem to trigger and aggravate your discomfort most.

Of course, you don’t have to be scientifically precise with this information. Prior your session, your therapist will work with you to refine your assessments by means of anatomical wallcharts and other visual aids. Specifically discuss with your therapist any discomforts that you believe may not necessarily manifest because of a physical cause.

Understand your Expectations

Each treatment session will be specifically designed and delivered to address the immediate concerns you may have about your physical, emotional and mental health as best as possible. Although our treatments deliver almost always immediate improvements it is not always possible to address all your concerns, or to address these with lasting results through a single session.

If you have multiple concerns, your therapist might need multiple sessions to address these in a specific order. It is therefore important for you to be open and honest about your expectations so we can help you manage these. This helps us to personalise your bodywork treatments.

Eat Healthy, Timely

Avoid eating within one hour before your arrival. Select one or multiple light snacks or a small meal before that hour. The physical pressures your therapist may apply on your body may feel uncomfortable and even painful if your digestive system is too full. This is particularly true for your stomach and intenstines. However, do ensure you eat something healthy well before your treatment as an empty stomach may feel just as uncomfortable.


It is important to be properly hydrated before your treatment as this will greatly aid the suppleness of your body and therefore the sensations you might experience throughout the treatment. Proper hydration also aids the excretion of the toxins that are stored throughout your body, which helps to avoid the manifestation of unnecessary aches after your treatment.

Although we will offer you fresh drinking water and herbal tea throughout treatments we recommend you bring a filled water bottle to each session.


Try to leave your day-to-day matters at the door. If you feel nervous, stressed or anxious just be honest to your therapist about that. It is ok to feel tense or even hesitant; many other people usually feel like that so you certainly will not be unique.

Being open about your feelings or emotions will help your therapist understand how to adjust the treatment to give you the best possible experience.

We aim to give you personalised bodywork treatments. That means that each of your sessions will be unique and designed for you only.

To avoid before your personalised bodywork treatment

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Avoid Stimulants

Although it is generally best not to consume any stimulants for twelve hours before your treatment, you may narrow that period to six hours if longer causes unusually high levels of anxiety or stress. Generally, this includes the intake of sugars, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine or any other active components that are typically found in recreational drugs

If we sense you might not have followed this request and consider treatment unsafe to you and your therapist, we maintain the right to refuse you the scheduled treatments.

Avoid Muscular Stresses

Unless you are a professional athlete limit the chance of experiencing any type of muscular pains that may come from overexerted recreational activity for twenty-four hours before your treatment. Generally, remain active as normal but avoid strenuous workouts and participation in high-intensity sport events.

If a conflict occurs between your session date and an important sports event you wish to participate in, contact your therapist as soon as possible to reschedule your appointment.

Self-care before, during, and after your bodywork treatments

  • advaya healing preparing bodywork treatment 1200px
    How to prepare for a personalised bodywork treatment

    How do you prepare for a personalised bodywork treatment? It is best to expect wonderful and profound physical, mental, and emotional shifts.

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    Self-care after receiving a bodywork treatment or therapy

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