Self-care after receiving a bodywork treatment or therapy

Self care is important after receiving a bodywork treatment. It should should start immediately after your healing bodywork session has come to completion. At this point, your therapist will allow you to transition slowly to life outside the treatment room. Depending on the time available, you may wish to remain on the treatment mat or table until you are ready to make preparations for your departure.

Your therapist will invite your feedback on the session and will make time to answer your questions. Final notes about the session may be taken as preparation for your next visit. You then will change back into your own clothes. Until you leave our treatment room, your therapist will assume care over you.

Once you leave our practice you may experience your physical, mental, and emotional self very differently. You may find it somewhat challenging to maintain physical balance, and may experience your range of movement and reach very differently. It is normal to feel mentally empty and to regain what you might normally consider a clear state of mind. Some clients experienced some nausea, vertigo, and slight losses of memory, and disorientation. Each of these effects will only be temporary if you don’t experience such conditions normally.

We suggest you take the following precautions to ensure a smooth transition from our treatment room back into your daily life.

Things to do after your bodywork treatment


Value Silence and Solitude

For at least one hour after receiving your bodywork treatment seek silence and solitude to reduce pressing demands for your attention. Avoid use of your mobile phone and computers and resist the temptation to check for messages and emails.

Also resist temptations to share your treatment experiences with others shortly after you leave our practice. Allow yourself to adjust physically, emotionally and energetically first, and allow yourself to become fully aware of what is happening within you. Self-care is first and foremost about honouring yourself as well as the processes that may be unfolding within you.

Stay Aware and Mindful

It is normal to lose some control over your physical and mental functions during bodywork treatments. Your coordination to be somewhat impaired, and your emotions may switch seemingly erratically. It is important to give yourself time and space to recover properly after your bodywork treatment.

Stay aware of what unfolds within you. Be mindful of your actions and behaviours, and just accept that these may differ from those you display normally. As you may also be more prone to accidents, slow down.

Allow yourself more mental and physical rest is an important aspect of your self-care after receiving a bodywork treatment.


Staying hydrated is always important. It should be a habit that extends well beyond your self-care after receiving a bodywork treatment.

By drinking water and herbal tea you help your body process the toxins that will have become dislodged throughout the treatment. Although we cannot offer a single scientific answer to how long you should continue to do so, we recommend you should drink between one and two liters of lukewarm and good quality water over a three to four-hour period.

It also is wise to avoid caffeine and alcohol for four to six hours after you received your treatment.

Things to avoid after receiving your bodywork treatment

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Avoid Other Treatments

In order to assess how your bodywork treatment benefited you physically, mentally, and emotionally we generally urge you not to undergo any other healing or therapeutic treatment for thirty-six (36) hours after receiving ours. This applies specifically to massages, energy healings and clearings, and other physical release treatments.

However, our bodywork therapies are known to compliment physiotherapy, osteopathy, acupuncture and acupressure, chiropractic, and most forms of kinesiology.

We kindly ask you not to hold us responsible for any adverse effects you may experience if you decide to reject this advise.

Avoid excessive physical strain

As your therapist may have explained, one desired outcome of your bodywork treatment is the loosening of your myofascia. Fascia outside the areas that were treated will also have been affected. That loosening usually means that you have become physically somewhat weaker until your fascia has been given time to repair and reorganise itself.

Although that process may take longer we usually recommend not to stress your body unnecessarily for at least twelve (12) hours after your treatment. Ideally, you should avoid strenuous physical activity for twenty-four (24) hours, if possible. Some very gently yoga may be beneficial.

Avoid mental challenges

An important aspect of your self care after receiving a bodywork treatment is to avoid making challenging decisions. Avoid engaging in confronting conversations for at least one or two hours after you leave our practice.

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    Self-care after receiving a bodywork treatment or therapy

    Proper and informed self-care is very important after you received a bodywork treatment. It should start immediately after your session ends.

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