Being a Professional, Transparent, and Trustworthy Practice

To design and deliver exceptionally effective treatments we must be more than experts in our therapeutic fields. We must constantly work in integrity with our promises and principles; be honest and transparent about our therapeutic limitations, and ensure you always receive the best care and treatments we can provide. 



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The concept of metta is that of Loving Kindness.

EMF pollution is everywhere – in buildings and outside as well. It is constantly produced by high voltage power lines, telecommunication networks, Wi-Fi devices, microwave ovens, televisions and cell phones. The negative effects of EMF can cause eyestrain, headaches, inability to concentrate, neck aches, irritability, depression, memory loss and a weakened immune system. See World Health Organization’s site for more information about the effects of EMF. Scientists suspect that certain illnesses are caused at least partially by the cumulative burden of constant and higher level of EMF exposures. Daily use of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field device helps significantly offset and neutralize the negative effects of harmful magnetic fields. Use a personal EMF neutralizer multiple times daily to protect yourself from EMF pollution.

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Your Sovereignty

In all we do we absolutely respect your sovereignty over your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being. You own you, and no one else.

We will always treat you with the greatest are and respect. We actively invite you to stay in conscious control over each treatment. We aim to treat you as you want and need to be treated. An important aspect of our work is therefore the consideration we give to your uniqueness and your specific treatment preferences.

When and where possible, we adapt, modify, and tailor our work to ensure your remain comfortable during each treatment. 

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Trust & Confidence

Confidentiality, honesty, authenticity, and integrity are just four of the keywords that should describe the ways by which Advaya Healing intends to operate. Rather than just stating them, we bring these alive through conscious practices that exemplify our intentions to be and remain your bodywork partners of choice.

What you share with us will not escape the confines of our practice. We pride ourselves on our abilities to explain to you in advance the technicalities and mechanisms of our treatments, and why we apply them to serve you. We allow you to critique our work, and to offer us honest feedback accordingly. We consider each treatment a collaboration between you and ourselves. It will always be one we value, respect, and be grateful for.

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Ecological Sustainability

We take longest-term views on all we do as therapists and as the operators of our practice. Daily, we take strategic views on the way we operate as a business, and remain concerned about how our actions and behaviors affect our natural environments.

We aim to actively reduce our carbon footprint by reducing our consumption of energy; the selection of sustainably produced products and packaging, and the reduction the creation of physical waste. None of our products are tested on animals, and we avoid – whenever possible – consumables that contain petrochemical elements. 

We consider ourselves Global Citizens who are responsible for the preservation of Mother Earth. 



Social Responsibility

We believe that as we individually and as practitioners are accountable for fulfilling our civic duties. Advaya Healing, which is an expression of who and what we are as people, must through its actions and behaviors benefit a broadest interpretation of what society means. We therefore choose to balance the economy of our practice and the welfare of the communities and environments in which we work. 

We operate from a basis of social fairness. We do not discriminate gender, age, race, political orientation, or religion. Every individual has a responsibility to act in manner that is beneficial to society and not solely to the individual.

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Client-centered Practices

In all we do we absolutely respect your sovereignty over your entire being. We will always treat you with the greatest respect, and invite you to stay in control over each treatment.

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Ethical Business

In all we do we absolutely respect your sovereignty over your entire being. We will always treat you with the greatest respect, and invite you to stay in control over each treatment.