Invitation to Subscribe to Bodywork News

If we were to offer Special Treatment Deals, how would you find out about them? The answer is a digital newsletter to which you can subscribe.

Invitation to Subscribe to Bodywork News

If we were to offer Special Treatment Deals, how would you find out about them? The answer is a digital newsletter to which you can subscribe.

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Are there Special Treatment Offers?

If we were to offer Special Treatment Deals, how would you find out about them? As it is a question I have been asked a few times over the last couple weeks I wondered how to manage that best. I think the answer might be in the creation of a regular digital newsletter to which you can subscribe. To this end I put some effort in the creation of a few web elements that allows you to sign up. Each of those are now published and ready to you to use.

Therefore, with this email I wish to extend a warm invitation to subscribe to anyone who has been waiting for the inception of our Advaya Newsletters. We are ready to go, if you are.

Advaya Newsletter: What’s The Story?

Some find this boring whereas others might find this quite exciting – like me.

As always with digital stuff some technical work needs to be done before you can make a web feature function. In this case, that included the creation of a place where we can keep your personal subscription data safe and secure. That is now in the hands of a reputable third party who specialises in what’s called ‘data security’. So, that’s done.

The second task was to link our site to that secure digital storage, which is now also good to go. The third task was to put together the Newsletter Subscription Form you see below in this post. As you can see, that’s done as well.

Compared to the fourth task, all of that was actually quite easy. Took a little bit of time and effort but it involved a minimal amount of headaches.

However, as implied, the fourth job was not so simple. That pertained to publishing our Privacy Statement, which is what web site owners must post on their site when they collect Personal Data. Because that is what we will be doing through our subscription form, that Statement needed to be written and published. Not my interpretation of the word ‘fun’.

Although I still feel there are some holes and minor errors in our Statement I consider it to be good enough to go ahead with our very own Advaya Newsletters. Over the next few weeks I’ll do some further polishing to finish it.

What’s Next?

The next things I’ve started to develop are the actual newsletters. I must say, that has been quite a bit of fun so far. The stack of ideas on how I can use these newsletters continues to grow. Some cool ideas have been added into the mix.

Here I am thinking you are probably most interested in those Special Deal Treatments. Well, what I am prepared to disclose now is that these are coming, and perhaps sooner than you might think.

However (and here is the deal) the first Special Treatment Deals will only be offered to Newsletter Subscribers!

Meaning: No Subscription; No Special Treatment Offers. Considering the free-of-charge subscription and your right to unsubscribe at any time, I think that there shouldn’t be many reasons for you not to subscribe?

Where’s that Subscription Form?

Our brand new newsletter subscription form is now published right across this site. You’ll find it on this site’s home page and in this journal’s sidebar for example.

However, just to make your life as simple as possible, I also included it in this post below. All you need to do now is to enter your details and to click submit. Easy-peasy.

Go ahead and add your name to the already growing list. Keep your eyes open for an email from our digital partner GetResponse, which you will need to confirm your email address.

I am looking forward to seeing your name appear on our brand new Advaya Healing Mailing List soon!

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