Acting and Operating with Integrity

We are committed to conducting Advaya Healing with honesty and integrity. Our values represent the basic beliefs to which we aspire and should be reflected in our actions at all times.

Ethical behaviour is a fundamental guiding principle in our practice. As Advaya, we aspire to act with fairness, transparency, honesty, accountability and responsibility to become and remain your bodywork practice of choice.

You Centered

In our behaviour, we commit to:

  • Determining and considering your treatment needs and requirements

  • Actively involving you in treatment decisions

  • Actively managing your treatment expectations and experiences

  • Consciously delivering on promises

Trust & Respect

In our behaviour, we commit to:

  • Treating you and others with courtesy and kindness

  • Embracing diversity
  • Providing and welcoming feedback
  • Respecting your sovereignty and privacy
  • Acting with integrity; truthfully and honestly to you and all other clients

Safety Focused

In our behaviour, we commit to:

  • Prioritising your and our safety

  • Consciously identifying and managing any treatment risks

  • Providing and welcoming feedback
  • Respecting your sovereignty and privacy
  • Accurately recording and securely storing your private and treatment information

Improvement Driven

In our behaviour, we commit to:

  • Continuous learning from reputable individuals and sources
  • Acknowledging the limits of our therapeutic capabilities and competencies
  • Actively seek advise from you on how we can operate Advaya better
  • Only using tools, equipment, materials and consumables that are proven to be safe and effective


In our behaviour, we commit to:

  • Respect the welfare and wellbeing of our community

  • Making efforts to keep our treatments affordable for our current and prospective clients

  • Making investment decisions that also benefit our communities and natural environments
  • Operating Advaya with respect to the spiritual orientations of our teachers, instructors, and masters.

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