New Practice Beginnings

Like with any other business, setting up a healing practice takes time. Especially if the intent is to do it properly and professionally. The good news is that we are making progress.


New Practice Beginnings

Like with any other business, setting up a healing practice takes time. Especially if the intent is to do it properly and professionally. The good news is that we are making progress.

Photo of Advaya Healing Practice July 2021

Like with any other business, setting up a healing practice takes time. Especially if the intent is to do it properly and professionally. Most of my now regular clients witnessed first-hand Advaya’s move from Beach to Tilley Road. Most have become familiar with our practice’s current state, which still is not as polished as we would like it to be. But that is going to change.

The good news is that we continue to work to make our practice room as comfortable and safe as we can possibly make it. Moving requires both time and money, and we continue to invest both in Advaya’s development. It is a slow process though.

Building a new practice room is not so much about moving stuff into it. In our case, it is also about moving stuff out and having to find new places and storage for it. Essentially, we are shifting Sonia’s framing business from the room into the adjacent garage while it is still in full flight. Strapped by time and many other commitments, this could not be achieved in a few days but had to be spread over a series of weekends.

The bad news is that it will take quite a few more weeks – if not months – before both Sonia’s framing studio and my healing practice are back in full flight again. The optimist in us tells us that it is all ok. We are doing it, and we will get to the finish line at some point. Underneath all of this, it is hard not to be excited about it all.

What’s Next?

As implied, there are a few changes to our practice in the pipeline. Some still are mere ideas and in their infancy. Others are actually on our calendar or already underway. In the back of our heads we continue to play with one or two much bigger plans, to which I may return in a later post.

Dodgy Blue Carpet

One of the things we would like to see changed in the nearest future is the carpet. It is not just a horrible blue color. What is underfoot are actually a few segments that are literally tacked together to give the impression that you are standing on one piece of carpet instead of three. In as much as I am beginning to love our new practice space the floor covering – because that is literally all it is – irritates me most.

We will be looking for a much better looking alternative. That alternative must be able to handle the four wheels of a table that normally, without anyone on it, already weighs close to a hundred kilograms. That pretty much puts floor tiles and another carpet into the picture, but wooden floor boards out of range, which is what I actually wanted. To keep things simple and quick we are leaning toward carpet at this point. Whatever it is going to be, it will an improvement.

Massive Book Shelves

The next thing on our agenda are the book shelves. They are both literally and figuratively monumental; a substantial reminder of the numerous iterations that room has undergone over the last twenty years. When we moved onto this property we decided to transform the room into an office, doubling as a library. We needed to find a home for the hundreds of books we had collected over the years. We had the unit custom built, which is why it spans an entire wall, in all directions.

While shifting Sonia’s framing studio we adopted a rather ruthless attitude toward the overall clearing of our spaces. Our hundreds of books were not exonerated, and many of them found homes elsewhere. Although our library has shrunk considerably as a result it still includes a fair stack of volumes.

Certainly not all of the remaining books need to be shelved in the practice. But if the practice room features the only real book case we have, where else should they go? We are working on it.

In Need of some Paint

Although the walls seem to be well-pained from a distance, closer inspection reveals that there are countless little holes in them. These are the remains of the push pins, nails, and staples we used to display artwork. None are big or truly obtrusive. They are nonetheless an other source for my irritation. Nothing that some filler cannot solve, of course, but that will almost certainly lead to hundred of little patches that need to be painted over. We might as well give all walls another lick of paint then. Painting is said to be therapeutic too, right?

Let there be Light

I like good lighting and have a love-hate relationship with that fluorescent bar that is screwed into the ceiling. It proves to be great when we work on the improvements when it is dark in the evening. It is not so great as a primary source of light for treatments.

Our next move here will be to investigate how we can suspend a few nicer lights over the treatment table. That sounds simpler than it might actually turn out to be, according our electrician. Trouble is that there is hardly any cavity between the ceiling and the roof, which limits our options to have overhead lights sunk into the ceiling. Because of the building’s structure, concealing the new electrical wiring is not that easy either.

We have seen some good-looking and functional options that may work. Next thing is to get the electrician back in to see how and when we can that solution installed.

Nothing but Luxury Problems

I realize that I might give the impression that all of these ‘issues’ are show stoppers. That they are of epic proportions to the extent where they keep me awake at night. They are most certainly not. If anything, they are nothing but irritations and luxury problems at best. I know plenty of therapists who seem unable to find practice rooms as large as ours, or to afford their rent.

Still, I know that our new room is not as ideal as it could be. I look at the upcoming and planned improvements with excitement though. It is a step-by-step process that offers plenty of opportunities for the creation of even better ideas. What matters here is that the practice-building journey has begun, and that we have views on how to keep it going.

My Gratitude Goes To….

My regular clients know it is them to whom I am very grateful. We have found a nice balance between my views as to what a professional bodywork practice should look like, and their willingness to accept – and even appreciate – the current state of the treatment room. In some ways, sharing the practice’s improvement journey with them has become more enjoyable than I could ever have expected.

Part of the fun is to make some small improvements each week, just to have a surprise waiting for my clients at each return visit. Two weeks ago we placed a new curtain rail and blinds, which was noticed almost immediately. Last week we installed solar lights along the path to the practice’s front door, which invited a few gasps (because they look really, really good at night).

Aside from keeping on track with all the improvements mentioned above we are now trying to change at least one small things each week, just to keep the surprises coming.

I am not yet sure what this week’s surprise will be but I am sure we will come up with something in the next day or so.

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