Medicinal Cupping Therapy

Accelerating Healing Processes from Within

Cupping refers to any natural treatment method in which suction cups are used in therapy. The goal of cupping is to strengthen or activate your body’s self-healing abilities when it is not able to do sufficiently on its own.

Cupping stimulates and supports the options that nature has provided the body with to resist disease, rest, and relax. Cupping is one of the traditional treatment methods that do not involve medicinal substances but nevertheless serve as useful weapons in the fight against many diseases or complaints. Applied correctly, the method is harmless and does not cause any adverse side effects.

The results are often fast and impressive because, when they are created by an experienced therapist, your body will react within hours to cupping at the proper location.

What is Medicinal Cupping?

Cupping works through the power of suction, which is created either by introducing a flame into a cup or by manually extracting the air from a cup. The aim is to create a controlled vacuum within the cup, which is then placed on a specific region of your body to effectively activate its self-healing systems and mechanisms.

Different types of cups are used for different purposes. They can be made of silicone, bamboo, earthenware, glass, or other types of synthetics. At Advaya we use cups made of transparent, durable, and high-grade plastic from which we manually extract air to achieve precise amounts of vacuum for each part of your body. They also feature a small magnetic element in their center which, when brought in contact with your skin, interacts as catalyst with the energy lines or points over which the cup is used. These cups are also easiest to sanitize, which means you will always be treated with materials and equipment that are properly cleaned and decontaminated.

Cupping expands and stretches your skin, muscles, and fascia, which opens more space for fresh nutrient blood to enter an irritated or aggravated area, and for toxins, natural waste materials, and other types of irritants to depart. Once these are flushed into your lymphatic system, your body can dispose of them effectively, as normal.

By lifting your skin through cupping, your fascia becomes temporarily expanded which can result in a controlled local myofascial decompression, which often results in the untangling of the underlying blood vessels, glands, nerves, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. This leads to an increased blood and fluid circulation, causing cellular, energetic, and physical adjustments to take place, such as an increase in the metabolic rate. The unnatural but normally safe effects of cupping cause your body to immediately activate its immune and self-healing mechanisms, which remain active well beyond your treatment.

How is Medicinal Cupping Performed?

To perform a cupping treatment effectively we first assess your condition and constitution in context of the discomforts, pains, or irritations for which you are seeking relief. Once we determine that cupping may be an appropriate form of treatment for you, we will commence with the actual practice.

Depending on the localities that require treatment, you will either lie on a massage table face up or down, or on your side. In some cases, you can remain seated. We will suggest a position in which you will be most comfortable. You will be required to uncover the treatment areas, at least for the duration that is required to place and monitor the cups.

We apply small amounts of massage oil on the treatment areas. We then apply the cups by means of a manual suction pump to carefully apply and adjust the necessary vacuum. No heat is used for most procedures.

Initially, you may experience this effect as a little irritating – which is exactly what it needs to do – but this sensation usualy fades well within the first minute. After fading, the cups should remain quite comfortably without any other intervention.

Most treatments require the placement of multiple cups. Each will be carefully placed on a precise location, and various amounts of vacuum may be applied. Your therapist may also wish to slide some cups to amplify their effects over a larger region.

Duration of a Medicinal Cupping Session

Most sessions are completed in one hour. The duration of a cupping session depends largely on the number of cups your therapist decides to use, the strength by which each must be applied, and how you react to the treatment.

Normally, you therapist will keep each individual cup in place between five (5) and twenty (20) minutes, depending on the strength of the vacuum applied, the sensitivity of the treated location, and your body’s reaction to the treatment.

Low to medium strength vacuums will always be applied for first sessions to ensure you remain comfortable with the procedure, and to monitor the initial effects. Stronger suctions may be applied at next sessions, should these be beneficial or necessary. In some cases, a second series of cups may be placed in the same treatment session after the first set has been removed.

Benefits of Medicinal Cupping

At a biological level, medicinal cupping has similar effects to acupressure and acupuncture. It may be the most effective natural therapy available for the nourishment and rejuvenation of our skin and fascia. The skin’s reaction – its color, responsiveness, temperature, and humidity – can be noticed immediately throughout the treatment, as well as for many days after.

At deeper levels, we can feel the easing of muscle tensions, the unraveling of knots, the dissipation of pain, and the disappearance of itches, certain lumps, and stiffness.

Medicinal Cupping is known to deliver the following benefits:

  • Boosts our Immune System
  • Detoxifies Blood
  • Removes of Metabolic Waste and Accumulated Irritants
  • Balances Hormone Secretion
  • Activates Lymphatic System
  • Reduction of Anxiety, Stress, and Depression
  • Softening of Muscular and Connective Tissues (Fascia)

Medicinal Cupping: Possible Side Effects

We practice cupping only in safe and informed ways. The practice is not known to cause any side effects, other than the occurrence of prolonged marks on the sites where cupping was performed.

Depending on the amount of suction applied, the condition of your skin and underlying tissues, and the duration of the applications, the color of these marks may range from a light circular shading to more prominent and noticeable discoloration. Darker marks, which result from stronger suctions, may last up to three weeks before they fade back to their natural color and shade.

Depending on the size of the cups used, these marks range from approximately one to three inches in diameter.

Medicinal Cupping: Is it right for you?

Like with all other types of bodywork therapy, your physical, emotional, and even spiritual condition determines whether cupping is safe and suitable for you. Although cupping is remarkably effective in the treatment of many dis-harmonies it should never be considered a miracle therapy that can address any type of disease, pain, ailment, and discomfort.

This is why it is important to have your condition pre-assessed by a well trained and experienced therapist. In some cases, we may insist you consult your doctor or health care specialist before we decide to commence treatment.

In many cases, multiple cupping sessions may be required to address self-healing effects that may arise in other areas of your body. Rather than perceiving these abnormalities as signs and symptoms of other types of ailments or disease they are oftentimes related to the original issues. They should therefore be welcomed as signs that your therapist can follow to address more fundamental issues which, when treated, might improve your condition considerably further.

How to select your Cupping Treatment

For certain conditions, our Cupping Treatments can rapidly optimize both your physical and emotional well-being. 

Please keep in mind that cupping treatments typically result in blemishes in the treated areas. Although these blemishes will fade over time, they may remain visible up to four days. 

  • Remedial – Short 30-minute sessions that focus on alleviating discomforts through a local treatment. This type of session typically focuses on specific upper and lower back pains; regaining range of movement of shoulders, elbows, knees, and neck. In some cases a preceding diagnostic will be required to assess more complicated issues, which we might not wish to treat immediately.

  • Therapeutic – Comprehensive 60-minute treatments to effectively address more complex physical and psycho-emotional issues. This type of treatment aims to optimize the functioning of specific sections of your physique, which are typically larger than what is treated during Remedial sessions. In most cases a preceding diagnostic will be required to assess more complicated issues, which we might not wish to treat immediately.


$500030 minutes
  • Provided at Practice
  • Regaining Range of Movement
  • Certified Practitioner


$850060 minutes
  • Provided at Practice
  • Regaining Range of Movement
  • Certified Practitioner
  • Optimizing Energetic Body

Medicinal Cupping: Frequently Asked Questions

We proudly notice a gradual increase in the number of clients who prefer to work with us for cupping treatments. We continue to celebrate with our clients their diversity, which includes top athletes, business people, young adults, and many over-worked parents. Some might be looking for physical relief from an injury, irritation, or a more enduring ailment, whereas others may prefer cupping to regain their emotional and spiritual centers, to sleep better, or to find more calm, rest, and relaxation in their life.

By paying close attention to the questions our clients asked about cupping we were able to compile the following list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any questions about our cupping practice, we invite you to read this list here online.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via our online Contact Us form if you want to discuss with us how we can help you improve your health, happiness, and overall well-being.

Is blood drawn during cupping?2020-06-25T05:43:16+12:00

No. You may already know that some cupping techniques involve the drawing of small amounts of blood through small punctures that are purposely made by the therapist. This technique is commonly referred to as Wet Cupping.

In Wet Cupping, blood is drawn at the cupping site by cutting the skin with a Scarificator. The cup is placed on the skin only afterwards, to suck the blood out of the cuts. This might sound quite torturous and painful, but it is not. It only involves a blood loss of 25 millilitres per cup at the most.

Wet cupping is related to bloodletting and the application of leeches. Its effect is not limited to drawing blood, but also includes a drawing out and re-tuning action.

Wet Cupping is a specialized method of medicinal cupping, which we do not offer. None of our medicinal cupping treatments involve skin puncturing or the drawing of blood.

Are there any body regions where Medicinal Cupping should not be, or cannot be performed?2020-06-24T20:42:19+12:00

Yes, there are. At Advaya we will never treat with cupping your face, the central regions of the female breast, genitals, and any of the body’s orfices. Other areas may be contraindicated as well, depending on your specific condition.

To ensure your treatment will be beneficial to your health and well-being, and that it can be performed safely, your therapist will assess the treatment’s suitability before treatment. In some cases, your therapist may request a referral from your doctor or health care specialist.

Refer to our When is Therapeutic Bodywork not right for you? page to learn more about contraindications.

How long do Medicinal Cupping bruises last?2020-06-24T12:06:18+12:00

This depends on the length of the cupping treatment, the strength of vacuum applied, the type of treatment used, as well as your specific health factors, such as circulation.

Cups that remain applied longest with the strongest vacuums create the most profound bruises, which might not fade for weeks. Conversely, those that are applied shortest with the least amount of vacuum produce the least discolorations, which might disappear within a few days – of even hours. If you are otherwise healthy, all cupping bruises will fade eventually.

If you are concerned about the visibility of your bruises, discuss treatment options with your therapist in advance.

Is Medicinal Cupping Painful?2020-06-24T10:23:45+12:00

It should never be. While many describe the sensation as ‘odd’ or ‘unusual’, it is certainly not painful.

The vacuum that is purposely created within the cup pulls on the skin and underlying muscles and fascia. This can trigger sensations that can best be described as ‘tingling’. You can simulate the same feeling by putting an active vacuum cleaner’s hose momentarily onto the skin of your upper leg.

The strength of the sensations cupping will give you depend largely on the strength of the vacuum applied, the condition of your skin and the underlying fascia and muscles, the natural sensitivity of the treated area, and duration of the treatment.

If you experienced cupping treatments as painful in the past, your therapist may not have performed the procedure correctly, or treated an over-sensitive area that perhaps should not have been treated directly.In the hands of a trained and experienced practitioner you will be safe, and you may feel the therapy is amazingly comfortable.

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