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Allowing your Authentic Self to Re-emerge

When five bodywork therapy types are seamlessly mastered into one healing modality, a powerful type of therapy emerges. Four years in the making, Advaya proudly offers Neuro-Energetic Bodywork Therapy to clients who are seeking to shift their physical, emotional, and mental state most profoundly.

Neuro-Energetic Bodywork Therapy is uniquely applied to help you gain physical, emotional, and mental balance and strength. Among our clients are athletes who wish to improve their performance; business executives who are seeking to regain mental balance and focus, and many other exceptional people who aspire to interact more consciously and happier with life.

The positive effects of Neuro-Energetic Bodywork Therapy are certainly very real. It has proven to open a new state of being for yoga practitioners, and those who practice meditation, mindfulness, and conscious living,

What is Neuro-Energetic Bodywork Therapy?

Neuro-Energetic Bodywork Therapy (NEBT) combines multiple powerful bodywork disciplines, which are masterfully combined by Advaya to address multiple forms of physical, mental, and energetic blockages and stagnation in a logical, gradual, and highly effective manner all at once.

Most healing bodywork disciplines focus on relieving you from pains, discomforts, and diseases that occurred withing or affected a singular aspect of your physical presence. Therapists can address these issues by matching their healing capabilities with their understanding of the physical, emotional, and mental issues you are facing. By using multiple complimentary bodywork techniques in a single session, treatments can become more effective and methods can be found that suit your treatment preferences best.

Like most of our treatments, NEBT works on your energy lines. It combines series of acupressure techniques, various forms of tissue massage, and focused Tok Sen work in areas that require most attention. When necessary, other interventions may be used to optimize the process.

Neuro-Energetic Bodywork Therapy has become our flagship therapy and one that has proven to be remarkably effective in resolving deeply embedded physical, emotional, and energetic challenges. Non-invasive and painless, this therapy can help you with strengthening your physical, emotional, and mental resilience and, as a result, to re-experience life healthier, happier, and more consciously.

How is Neuro-Energetic Bodywork performed?

The therapy is practiced at a peaceful, slow, and unhurried pace, and given gently, thoughtfully, and interactively. As you remain comfortably on our massage table your therapist will work in silence to re-activate and re-balance the energies at the deepest levels of your entire being. Most of our clients enter a profoundly calm, relaxed, meditative, and blissful state right from the treatment’s start.

Neuro-Energetic Bodywork works on the entire length of your ten Sen energy lines. Manually, your therapist will follow these lines to re-open blockages that manifested along these routes and within the tissues that surround them. Points and regions are treated systematically and in a logical, step-wise manner.

Progressively, as your circulation improves, your lymph system becomes more effective in the removal of metabolic waste, toxins, and irritants, and your nervous system continues to relax, you regain a deeper sense of self. A more authentic version of you re-emerges.

Your therapist will combine various powerful bodywork techniques to re-open your energy lines. Two forms of oil massage will be used to inspect and trace these lines, and to manually work out the smaller obstructions. A blend of Trigger Point and Acupressure techniques is used to further optimize your condition. To effectively address larger and more persistent stagnation, your therapist will use Tok Sen and, if necessary, light forms of Medicinal Cupping to re-open these lines. It is said that the effects of this comprehensive method can not be compared to, and achieved by, any other form of therapeutic bodywork.

You must be comfortable with having these regions uncovered (undressed) at the time of treatment. Regions not worked on by your therapist will be discretely covered.

Duration of Neuro-Energetic Bodywork Therapy Sessions

A full Neuro-Energetic Bodywork Therapy is typically performed over five or six 90-minute sessions, with each session uniquely focused on one region of your physique:

  • Session 1 | Neck, Back & Shoulders
  • Session 2 | Shoulders, Arms & Hands
  • Session 3 | Lower Back, Buttocks, Hips, Back of Legs & Feet
  • Session 4 | Upper Chest Front, Abdomen & Front of Legs
  • Session 5 | Final Full Body Checkup.

Single 90-minute sessions can be provided to treat a specific region, or to address specific localized issues.

All Neuro-Energetic Bodywork treatments commence with a Diagnostic Health Scan to establish where interventions are needed most.

Benefits of Neuro-Energetic Bodywork Therapy

Neuro-Energetic Bodywork Therapy is ideal if you desire deep relaxation and, long for a proper release from stress. It provides an excellent system to increase your overall health, well-being, and vitality, and can help improve your mobility and energy flow. It assists with alleviating any back, neck, shoulder, and hip tension you may have.

Neuro-Energetic Bodywork Therapy calms the mind and maximizes your body’s healing potentials.

Known benefits of Neuro-Energetic Bodywork Therapy include:

  • Increases flexibility, joint mobility, range of movement and co-ordination.
  • Increases blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Softens fascia (connective tissue)
  • Reduces adhesions
  • Reduces joint pain, aches, tension, stiffness, and restrictions
  • Stimulates digestion
  • Deeper rest and relaxation; calmer mind, emotions, and nervous system
  • Increases energy levels
  • Releases tension in the body
  • Reduces anxiety and depression
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Improves breathing patterns
  • Improves alignment, posture, and muscle tone
  • Strengthens the internal organs and stimulates the immune system
  • Releases deeply held negative emotions
  • Corrects the imbalances in the body and stimulates the body’s natural healing process
  • Contributes to the rejuvenation of a healthier sexual and intimate life

Neuro-Energetic Bodywork Therapy: Possible Side Effects

Unlike many other forms of bodywork that address only subsets of energetic blockages, Neuro-Energetic Bodywork Treatments targets energy lines entirely. It focuses on softening, re-opening, and re-vitalizing the physical manifestations of these stagnation. The therapy affects therefore all physiological and energetic systems.

While Neuro-Energetic Bodywork treatments provide deep senses of calm and relaxation during sessions, the opening and optimization of your physiological systems can trigger emotional reactions, signalling that the therapeutic work successfully reached the places within your that need energetic re-balancing most. Most of these effects are known to manifest most dramatically within thirty-six hours after the completion of the treatment.

You might experience unexpected changes in your metabolism, libido, and mental processing. Powerful surges of guilt, shame, fear, anger, and joy can suddenly emerge. It is therefore important you follow the self-care suggestions and instructions we provide at the closure of each session.

Neuro-Energetic Bodywork Treatments do not result in significant physical changes. Slight discolorations may occur within the areas that were treated, and in which energetic healing reactions manifest strongest. These discolorations fade naturally and comfortably within hours. If blemishes are likely to occur from the treatment, your therapist will request your consent for proceeding with that intervention.

Neuro-Energetic Bodywork Therapy: Is it right for you?

Neuro-Energetic Bodywork Therapy is beneficial to most of us. It is particularly effective for inducing deeper rest and relaxation, which may make it perfect for you seek stress reduction or relief from stress related disorders.

The system’s unique approach to bodywork healing make it especially useful for everyone who benefits from increased flexibility, including athletes, yoga and meditation practitioners, and anyone who wants to live a more conscious and mindful existence. NEBT is particularly effective in addressing body-held emotional and spiritual trauma.

How to select your NEBT Treatment

Neuro-Energetic Bodywork is multi-faceted and powerful healing treatment that helps you regain your physical, emotional, and mental balance. As the designers of this treatment we are the only practice that offers this amazing type of therapy.

We offer our Neuro-Energetic Bodywork work as 60-minute, 90-minute, and 120-minute (2 hour) treatments. 

  • Remedial – proper 60-minute treatment designed to quickly alleviate discomforts in small regions such as hands, arms, neck, shoulders, lower back, legs, and feet. These are typically short and focused corrective interventions provided to people who already experienced more comprehensive NEBT treatments. Due to the limited duration of these sessions we do not recommended these for first treatments.

  • Complete – thorough 90-minute treatments that are designed to treat pain and discomforts across larger physical regions. These sessions are also most often selected to balance and optimize are recommended for those who have not yet experienced NEBT. The techniques used to harmonize and re-balance your energies will be powerful but elementary. We recommend this treatment as your first option.

  • Advanced – Extended 120-minute (2 hour) treatments that are designed to explore the potential root causes for persistent emotional unbalances, and the development of a comprehensive (assisted) self-healing plan.  The treatment techniques and methods we use will be precise, and detailed treatment notes will taken and shared with you. Initially, follow-up sessions will either be Complete or Remedial, depending on your condition and treatment expectations.


  • Provided at Practice
  • Natural Oils & Balms
  • 60 Minutes
  • Localized Treatment


  • Provided at Practice
  • Natural Oils & Balms
  • 90 Minutes
  • Basic Full Body


  • Provided at Practice
  • Natural Oils & Balms
  • 120 Minutes
  • Advanced Full Body
  • Self-treatment Guidance

Neuro-Energetic Bodywork Therapy: Frequently Asked Questions

Without doubt, and assessing this by the physical, emotional, and mental healing that occurred within our recent clients, Neuro-Energetic Bodywork Therapy (NEBT) is a gentle yet powerful treatment system. As the system’s originators and sole developers, we are the only practice that offers it.

If you are interested in experiencing this system, you may have some questions that might require answering before you decide to book your first session with us.

Please find below our responses to some of the most frequently asked questions about Neuro-Energetic Bodywork. If your questions remain unanswered, please do not hesitate to contact us through our online Contact Us form. We will respond to you as soon as we can.

Is Neuro-Energetic Bodywork Therapy (NEBT) Painful?2020-08-22T14:25:22+12:00

No, it should never be. Although Neuro-Energetic Bodywork Therapy (NEBT) works on deep levels throughout your entire physical and energetic body, the techniques and methods that are used by your therapist are pain free. 

Some work performed on an existing painful or irritated area may cause minor forms of discomfort at first. This can happen when energetic blockages and stagnation is cleared from tightened muscles or inflexible fascia for example. Normally, any discomforts that may arise from this work are temporary, and most will have vanished before you leave our treatment rooms. 

You therapist will advise you what to do if pain or discomforts persist. 

Do I have to fully undress for a Neuro-Energetic Bodywork (NEBT) treatment?2020-07-03T07:24:14+12:00

A full Neuro-Energetic Bodywork Therapy (NEBT) programme consists of five inter-related sessions:

  • Session 1 | Neck, Back & Shoulders
  • Session 2 | Shoulders, Arms & Hands
  • Session 3 | Lower Back, Buttocks, Hips, Back of Legs & Feet
  • Session 4 | Upper Chest Front, Abdomen & Front of Legs
  • Session 5 | Final Full Body Checkup.

For sessions 1 to 4 we will ask you to expose only the aspects of your body that will be treated, as indicated above. You will be fully undressed for the final session, which is the fifth, and consists of a full body check up.

Aspects of your body not worked on immediately will remain discretely covered. These covers will keep you comfortable, warm, and comfortably private throughout the session. Your genital region will remain properly covered throughout all sessions. For females, the mid-sections of your breasts will remain discretely covered as well.

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