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Although strictly not considered an ‘traditional’ Thai bodywork discipline, Thai Oil Massage has taken a firm place in the constellation of healing approaches that form Thai Medicine today. Proper Thai Oil Massage remains incompatible to any other style of massage, both in terms of its application and the benefits it brings.

While you may experience profound calm and relaxation throughout one of our Thai Oil Massage treatment, each of the style’s techniques actively stimulates, re-balances, and re-harmonizes your energetic body. After treatments many of our clients say they feel more ‘integrated’, ‘aligned’, and ‘focused’. 

How is Thai Oil Massage Performed?

Sessions consist of combinations of long and deep strokes to target tense, blocked, and fatigued muscles, and the use of specific pressure points to reactivate, re-balance, and harmonize your energetic pathways. Although most of these manipulations are performed in a precise and predetermined sequence, your therapist will pay specific attention to the areas on your body that need intervention most.

Thai Oil Massage is much gentler than Nuad Bo’Rarn (Traditional Thai Massage), which makes it very relaxing. You remain relaxed and motionless in one of four positions while your therapist performs all necessary actions and movements. It brings total relaxation, a sense of newfound vitality and mental balance.

A full Thai Oil Massage is a full body treatment for which your will be required to undress completely. It is usually performed on a massage table. Shorter treatments can be offered to narrow the bodywork to specific areas, such as legs, back, or shoulders. For such treatments you will be asked to expose only parts of your body that will be given attention. For all treatments, the areas not worked on will be discretely and comfortably covered by sheets and towels.

Depending on your therapist’s assessment of your physical state of being, some Neuromuscular Electric Stimulation (NMES) work may be offered, should this be of benefit to you. NMES is safe, non-invasive, and a powerful way to alleviate muscle pains and aches, and to relax fascia that appears stressed and tight. NMES, which is usually performed at the very end of your session, is offered as an integral and soothing part of your treatment, at no further costs.

Duration of a Thai Oil Massage

Thai Oil Massage is typically performed in a carefully laid-out sequence that is performed slowly, peacefully, and at an unhurried pace. An effective condensed session may take as little as one (1) hour, which usually provides sufficient time to work on a specific area of your body, such as your legs, back, shoulders, and arms.

Depending on your expectations and requirements, a full and complete Thai Oil Massage can take up two (2) or even three (3) hours. Please refer to our Thai Oil Massage offerings to select a treatment that is right for you.

Benefits of a Thai Oil Massage

Thai Oil Massage is best known for its calming and relaxing effects. What is lesser known is that it offers a wide range of powerful health benefits that go well beyond its soothing nature.

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Increases flexibility
  • Improves Mood and Depression
  • Improves Digestion
  • Improves Skin Health
  • Reduction of Stretch Marks
  • Detoxifies our body
  • Improves Rest, Relaxation, and Sleep

Thai Oil Massage: Possible Side Effects

Thai Oil Massage is a safe, relaxing, and calming type of treatment. Most of the known side effects include various degrees of muscular tenderness, some light-headedness, mood swings, and sudden onsets of lethargy, tiredness, and fatigue. Some people experience diarrhea, mild forms of headache, and an inability to focus and concentrate. None of these effects should raise concerns.

In most cases, these effects manifest when your therapist was able to activate the right healing processes beneath your skin and should therefore be considered natural consequences of a successful treatment. None of these effects are lasting. Most fade within hours. They should, in fact, be welcomed as signs that the healing effects of the treatment reached you well beneath your skin.

For treatments, your therapist will use oils that are generally considered safe for use. These oils made be blends of a non-fragrant base that is mixed with a fragrant product. Although essential oils may be used for their healing properties and fragrances, a wrong choice may trigger adverse reactions. We therefore use these only sparsely, and only when we have learned more about your specific constitution and conditions.

Thai Oil Massage: Is it right for you?

Thai Oil Massage

How to select your Thai Oil Massage

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  • Remedial – deeply-relaxing 60-minute treatments to alleviate stress while optimizing your energetic being. 

  • Complete – similar to our Remedial treatments but more comprehensive and delivered in 90-minute sessions. 


$7000one hour
  • Advaya Practice Based*
  • Safe, Secure, and Professional Conduct
  • Premium Natural Oils & Balms
  • Full Dedicated 60-minute Treatment
  • Focused on Temporary Relaxation


$950090 minutes
  • Advaya Practice Based*
  • Safe, Secure, and Professional Conduct
  • Premium Natural Oils & Balms
  • Full Dedicated 90-minute Treatment
  • Focused on Long-term Relaxation
  • Initiation of Treatment Plan (TTP)
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