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Thai Tok Sen is a Thai healing art that is practiced and taught around Chiang Mai, in the Lanna region in Northern Thailand. The technique has been part of the Lanna Thai healing tradition for centuries and is thought to been developed by Buddhist monks thousands of years ago.

Tok Sen is a combination of two words that reference to the instruments and the massage. In Thai, Tok is a verb that means “to hammer” or “to apply with force.” The word also resembles the sound that the mallet makes when hitting the wooden wedge. Sen is the Thai word for string, thread, cord, or route.

What is Tok Sen Massage?

Tok Sen is a bodywork technique that involves the use of a wooden hammer and at least one wooden wedge. These tools are used to systematically tap in specific patterns in and around a person’s aching, painful, or otherwise troublesome body regions. The tools may also be used to tap on a single point, in segments along specific anatomical pathways, or along energy lines (‘Sen’). The Sen are the ten energy pathways (Sib Sen) through which Qi (Chi), Prana, or Lom travel. By tapping these lines with the wooden tools, and by manipulating these lines through massage, energy blockages can be alleviated, reduced, or even eliminated.

Although the focus has always been to effectively resolve energy blockages, Tok Sen has recently proven to do much more than just that. When performed by a trained and experienced practitioner, the tools cause gentle and intense vibrations that reach deep into our body. Because eighty percent of our physique constitutes water, each tap creates a tangible wave that moves deeply into and throughout our anatomy. These vibrations are known to loosen tense and stiffened fascia and muscular tissues; to mobilize stagnant metabolic waste, and to re-open even the smallest channels of our lymphatic and circular systems. Tok Sen is specifically effective in treatments of myofascial adhesions and trigger points.

When your therapist considers this useful or beneficial to you, your treatment may also include traditional Thai massage techniques (Nuad Bo’Rarn) and acupressure methods if this makes your body more receptive to the rhythmic vibrations of the Tok Sen instruments.

How is Tok Sen Massage performed?

Throughout a Tok Sen treatment your therapist may ask you to adopt four basic positions: supine (face up), prone (face down), side-lying, and seated. In these positions, and depending on the type of treatment you wish to receive, your therapist will work along your outer and inner legs, outer and inner arms, palms and soles, backs of the hands, tops of the feet, and the back of your body. Other than being asked to change into any of these positions, you will remain restfully inactive throughout the entire treatment.

Traditionally, Tok Sen takes place on a large and often comfortable floor mat. We offer same-quality treatments on our massage table or even seated, should you prefer this option. Small amounts of balms or herbal oils may be applied to the body to stimulate the region that is treated, and to ease the movement of the Tok Sen tools over your skin.

The beautiful wooden tools we will be using for your treatment were hand crafted for us in Thailand. They were officially blessed for use at a small temple ceremony in Chiang Mai, February 2020. To perform the broadest range of treatments properly we insisted on adding multiple chisels to this set, which allows us now to work effectively and comfortably on any sized body.

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How to select your Tok Sen Treatment

Tok Sen is a powerful bodywork discipline that can help alleviate persistent pains and aches that are typically associated with tight, hardened, and is multi-faceted and powerful healing treatment that helps you regain your physical, emotional, and mental balance. As the designers of this treatment we are the only practice that offers this amazing type of therapy.

  • Remedial – proper 60-minute treatment designed to target blockages, discomforts, and pain points in specific areas such as hands, arms, neck, shoulders, lower back, legs, and feet. These are typically short and focused corrective interventions. Ideal if you want to quickly regain range of movement that is likely to be obstructed by localized issues. 

  • Complete – thorough 90-minute treatments that are designed to treat energetic blockages and stagnation across larger physical regions. Typically preferred by serious athletes to optimize their performance in advance of a competitive event, and by people who are seeking relief from the mental and physical symptoms of stress and anxiety. We recommend this treatment as your first option.
  • Advanced – extended 120-minute (2 hour) treatments that are designed to alleviate full-body energetic blockages and stagnation. Typically selected by life-conscious clients who want to take comprehensive approaches to the enhancement of their physical, emotional, and energetic presence.

    Depending on your requirements, objectives, and desires, these sessions may result in tailored self-healing plan, which you can periodically review with your therapist. The treatment techniques and methods we use will be precise, and detailed treatment notes will taken and shared with you. Initially, follow-up sessions will either be Complete or Remedial, depending on your condition and treatment expectations.


  • Provided at Practice
  • Fully Certified Therapist
  • Natural Oils & Balms
  • Local Treatment
  • 60 Minutes


  • Provided at Practice
  • Fully Certified Therapist
  • Natural Oils & Balms
  • Body Region Treatment
  • 90 Minutes
  • Post-treatment Care


  • Provided at Practice
  • Fully Certified Therapist
  • Natural Oils & Balms
  • Full Body Treatment
  • 120 Minutes
  • Post-treatment Care
  • Self-Healing Plan
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