Polishing-up our Healing Journal

Putting together our new Advaya Healing site is exciting work. Yet, of all the writing I have to do I enjoy publishing our new healing journals most. Here is the underlaying story..


Polishing-up our Healing Journal

Putting together our new Advaya Healing site is exciting work. Yet, of all the writing I have to do I enjoy publishing our new healing journals most. Here is the underlaying story..

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Today I gave our Healing Journal section the love and care it desperately needed. Until this morning the side bar still showed a long menu of links to pages that are still under development. I made that menu to make it easier to navigate between pages that are still under development. That menu was not designed for you, or any other visitor. So, it had to go and be replaced by something more meaningful. As you can see, I have made a start.

Why focusing on our Healing Journal? Because, honestly, while loads of other content is coming together on pages you cannot see yet I am most excited about writing my journals. With the technical site work I completed today, publishing has now become as simple as I hoped it would be. My writing can now truly start.

Writing Excitement

My writing excitement is not new. From the moment I started to work on getting this site online I kept in mind that at the end I would be able to do exactly as I am doing now: to write about a range of healing-related topics and to publish my words online with nothing but a simple click.

Clearly, to get there took a bit of work. Quite a bit in fact. Although I know how to put websites together I certainly am not a professional in that field. Nor do I want to be (though, I did play with the idea of becoming one at some point). I am a manual therapist, of bodyworker as some would say.

That the site works excites me simply because I can now do what I wanted to do all along, which is to write about the stuff I am truly passionate about. Healing. Bodywork. Advaya, and my clients.

The Genesis of this Journal

I remember entertaining the idea of writing about healing and bodywork already three or four years ago. I sat at the dining table surrounded by study books while the rest of the family was already in bed. Although I cannot recall what it was that I stumbled upon I do remember that a new thought, a new piece of information, caused me to wonder why the stuff I was trying to learn was not common knowledge.

What also must have propelled my mind toward the idea to write about healing was the simple fact that some of my text books were either not particularly well written or, more likely, poorly translated from Chinese and Thai into readable English. I quickly came to realize that it was pointless to figure out if this could be done in a logical sequence. To understand parts of one book, parts of other books had to be read also, and usually at the same time.

Study was therefore never about opening one single book and reading it, like we might have done at University. Instead, study required a clear table so multiple books could be spread out, each opened at a section that would somehow magically refer to that in others. With a bit of luck, those sections would together shine a more clarifying light on the matter I was trying to comprehend and remember.

What resulted from that back-and-forward referencing were the stacks of notes I had been taking to keep myself sane. Then, when I looked at these notes I wondered if I could make them also useful for my fellow students. Here, at that point, the concept of blogging emerged as an exciting and realistic idea. Now, four years later, I am finally giving that original idea a life and a breath.

Where to from Here?

Since that moment four years ago I kept a log with ideas for articles. It is a rather long list of topics that I believe are not very well explained by the materials I had to study. Other ideas are about combining Eastern and Western medical philosophies on issues such as mental health, for example. I am interested in exploring how bodywork may affect depression and anxiety.

Other aspects I would like to explore further revolve around our relationship with our gender in context of the opposite. This is not about finding yet other ways by which we can improve our intimate lives – although that may certainly fall within my scope. My interest is more focused on unravelling how men and women differ not just physically but also energetically, and how bodywork treatments may need to be adjusted to cater for these physical forms.

A quick count of the entries on my list of suggested articles adds to about 47 topics I would like to publish a text on. I say ‘about’ because I am sensing that the list might include a few duplications or multiple topics that could possibly be collapsed into one publication. If I were to tackle one of these topics a week, the list provides enough inspiration to keep me busy for a year. As I am pretty certain that other topics will pop up along the way I am more than certain that I will be spending much of my time writing from now on.

Now that I glance yet again at my so-called writing list my eye has already fallen onto the topic I will be writing about next.

Try stopping me now…

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