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More than five centuries years ago, ancient Chinese philosophers and physicians adopted the view that everything is composed of the same energetic substance. They called this substance Chi (or Qi). They already recognised the oneness of existence, and the wholeness of it, and formed from this the view that everything is energetically connected.

Qi: The Omnipresence of Eternal Energy

Many of the medical disciplines that form today’s Oriental Traditional Medicine – and notably Traditional Chinese Medicine – are founded in the understanding that Qi influences all change and transformation. The working of Qi allows us to witness the cyclical nature of seasons; the growth and decline of all living organisms, the weather patterns, and the rise and fall of tides. Qi forms, mobilises, and eventually dismantles everything that is contained by our universe. Qi vibrates constantly in all things, and all things are therefore interwoven through the system of Qi.

Through the advancements we have made in quantum physics over the last eighty years we now know that matter and energy are inter-changeable, and that matter is simply another form of energy. We have learned that matter vibrates constantly in the form of particles or wave forms. As it constantly affects or interacts with energy, matter forms, changes, and decays continuously.

Of course, being matter, our human body is not exempt from Qi’s influence. Energy is inherent in the living human body. In fact, as with any other living organism, we would not exist at all if it were not for Qi. Life becomes possible when Qi amasses to spark birth. It ends when the Qi that gave an organism life becomes scattered and therefore too weak to nourish and sustain it. Qi becomes stronger when it concentrates and becomes weaker when it dissipates. Qi, itself, cannot be destroyed; it is never ‘not there’.

Our Energetic Matrix

The ancient sages also recognised the existence of different forms of Qi present around us. Through experimentation they discovered that the energetic nature of Earth’s solid and inert objects differ from ours. Recognising the importance for us to remain resonant to these energies, they developed sophisticated techniques that enables us to balance and harmonise our human energies and to stay attuned to those found in nature.

Within our body, our organs act as an energetic matrix in which we store the Qi that keeps us alive, conscious, and mobile. With each organ acting as an energetic pool or basin, our life force streams through numerous inter-connected channels and vessels between them to ensure our entire physique – our entire being – receives constantly the energy it needs to function optimally. This entire system can be compared to a complex system of waterways, where all streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans form an interactive and self-perpetuating system.

Understanding the Concept of Qi

Especially in the West we can be challenged by the concept of Qi. On the one hand, if we define Qi as the all-pervasive substance that forms, mobilises, and re-forms everything in the universe, understanding the concept is quite simple.

What seems less known is that Qi manifests in various forms, and that is progresses continuously from matter to energy, and from energy to spirit – and vice versa. Qi is therefore the agent that connects matter and spirit. For that reason, understanding Qi’s true nature its behaviours is not so simple.

To put this into an analogy, we are all aware that electricity exists. However, that awareness does not make us an electrician unless, of course, you happen to be trained as one.

Qi manifests on three primary levels within our human microcosm:

Physically as Matter – At this level Qi, manifests in the form of Jing, tissues, blood, and fluids.

Energetically as Resonant VibrationsAt this level, Qi manifests within us as heat, sound, light, and electromagnetic fields.

Spiritually as Divine Light – At this level, Qi manifests from and within us as subtle vibrations which extend through infinite space.

Energetic Bodywork and Qi

In absence of the sophisticated technologies we had at our disposal since the early twentieth century, Chinese physicians figured out through study and observation that our organs fulfil unique functions and vibrate differently. By mapping the various energetic properties and functions of our channel system they laid the theoretical foundations of today’s Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM); a system that helped oriental physicians cure often serious illnesses for thousands of years.

The energetic bodywork we practice at Advaya Healing could not be ‘energetic’ if we ignored the concept of Qi. Energetic bodywork focuses almost solely on the manipulation of our energetic channel system to eventually optimise, balance, and harmonise the flow of Qi to improve our health, happiness, and overall well-being.

The energetic bodywork treatments we provide are based on the years of precise instructions we received from our master teachers in Asia. From a portfolio that currently encompasses no less than forty-seven powerful bodywork protocols we can select and create treatment plans that are aligned with the uniqueness of your entire being. Each step is then carefully performed to optimise your energetic channel system.

Through our bodywork treatments and with some ongoing practice between therapeutic sessions you can learn to identify, cultivate, and amplify these energies. Over time, and with practice, you can eventually learn to control these energies to heal and strengthen your immune system and to improve the functioning of your organs. Many of our clients confirmed that the combination of our bodywork and their individual practice alleviated their depression, anxiety, fear, and excess anger, and remarkably so.

This, then, is what we set out to achieve with you at Advaya Healing. Although it can be confronting and challenging at times, energetic bodywork should provide rich and rewarding journeys that nourish us physically, mentally-emotionally, and spiritually. To achieve this, our focus will therefore always be on the optimisation, harmonisation, and re-balancing of your vital energies.

As one of our clients said recently: “Qi is what you do”. She was right. In that context, Qi is not just fundamental to our own human existence but is, quite literally, also a vital essence to Advaya Healing.