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Today’s Asia encompasses some of the world’s oldest and most diverse cultures. Through its long history a multitude of traditions developed, of which Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism still belong to some of the greatest. Each of these traditions provides guiding principles for how life can be understood. Each offers unique insight into how we might be able to live healthier lives and to attain higher levels of happiness and prosperity. All return to the same central message: we can live happier and healthier lives if we align all aspects of our being with the cycles of nature and our universe.

The origins of this seemingly simple proposition are more than 5,000 old. Over these five centuries, Chinese philosophy and medicine developed into sophisticated systems that are largely based on correspondences and resonances between essences and elements. The development of these systems was mostly driven by a steady and unbroken stream of scholars, physicians, and philosophers who revealed in both practice and writing their perceptions on how humanity and nature are not just connected but inextricably and eternally intertwined.

They introduced the Three Treasures concept to simplify the complexity of their thinking to make it understandable and practical for us.

Understanding our Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Imbalances

The Three Treasures concept is based on the idea that Heaven, Humanity, and Earth are not separate phenomena but three interdependent processes that cannot be separated or isolated without losing their purpose or reason for being. As one of the three processes that is so inextricably associated with the other two, humanity can be considered a microcosm that mirrors the behaviours of the macrocosm. At this microcosmic level, the Three Treasures manifest as the physical, mental-emotional, and spiritual aspects of our being.

The Three Treasures concept invites us to consider the inter-relatedness of Heaven, Humanity, and Earth as a principle. Without dogma or religious attachment, the concept asks us to take a multi-dimensional view of life and ourselves. It motivates us to notice more consciously how nature’s cycles and those of the universe create our own. Once this awareness turns into understanding, we become better able to develop stronger and more balanced alignments with life’s constant changes, which then might open a clearer path toward self-transformation and, ultimately, self-realisation.

Rather than being just another philosophical product or theory, the Three Treasures is a practical concept. It is one that guides us toward a deeper and clearer understanding of how our daily interactions and experiences cause so many of the physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances we experience throughout our life. It holds as an inevitability that we will see much clearer how we as microcosms fit within nature and the universe, and how therefore the cyclical nature of all around us align with the changes that happen within us.

The Three Treasures: A Foundation for Bodywork Therapy Design

That Three Treasures concept featured prominently throughout my years of bodywork training should not have come as a surprise. It is simple, powerful, and beautifully pervasive. Now that science has now been able to prove that everything within and around us is connected at sub-atomic levels, even the most fervent sceptics are left no choice than to finally see this 5,000-year-old concept as an undeniable truth.

At Advaya Healing the Three Treasures concept serves as a foundation for bodywork treatments designs that aim to heal whole persons. It enables us to develop treatment that go well beyond the healing of just symptoms that indicate physical and mental-emotional imbalances.

At its most basic level, the concept states that our physical, mental-emotional, and spiritual aspects are just as inter-related as the Heavens (Universe), Humanity, and Earth are. By referring to these three resonating aspects of the Three Treasures in the designs of our treatments we can gain deeper understanding of our life, condition, constitution, and overall state. Beyond this, the concept allows us then to develop energetic bodywork treatments that are uniquely aligned with all aspects of our being.

For treatments to be so, each must improve and optimise our physiology, our psycho-emotional state, and, eventually, the strength of our spiritual placement, interpretations, and ownership.

Becoming Aware of our Energetic Channel System

Most Advaya Healing bodywork treatments involve manipulations of the channels through which our vital energies flow. Anyone who is familiar with acupuncture or acupressure knows about the existence of these channels. You might even know where some of these lines and their associated acupoints are located. These are the channels that connect and nurture all aspects of our physical manifestation. They facilitate the energies that affect our mental-emotional state. Principally, if we want to stay more aligned with our spiritual aspects, we must ensure our energetic channel system remains harmonious, balanced and unimpeded.

Our energetic channel system changes over time. Each channel ventures through its own development cycle. Some are formed in utero; others develop post-birth. Their strength and influence fluctuate throughout our life. As the characteristics of these channels continue to change, they form a rich and colourful registry of the phases through which our entire being developed.

The behaviour of each channel can reveal a tremendous amount about the authenticity of our being. When we seem to remain stuck in a cycle or have developed an unnecessary or undesired resistance to change, our energy channels can provide insight into these behaviours. Correspondingly, they can also act as powerful informants for the design of effective energetic bodywork treatments.

Energetic Bodywork: Heightening Your Awareness of Self

The designs of my bodywork treatments aim to heighten your awareness of yourself. They are thoughtfully and expertly crafted to help you discover more of who you really are. Treatments then invite you to enter a process of self-discovery in which attaining awareness of your self becomes the most significant step toward the realisation of your Original Nature or, in other words, your Spirit.

One of the most beautiful aspects of true energetic bodywork is that is can be both relaxing and healing at the same time. By adjusting the design and delivery of each treatment, the intensity of the physical and psycho-emotional effects can be varied to meet your desires, expectations, and overall resilience. Treatment sequences and their intervals can also be strategically used to adjust the rate of speed by which physical, emotional, and mental changes and transformations occur.

Irrespective how treatments and therapies are designed and delivered, the healing potentials of energetic bodywork seldom manifest fully from single or ad hoc sessions. For treatments to be truly effective, their design must absolutely reflect your uniqueness. In most cases, it takes multiple sessions before that uniqueness can be sufficiently understood and appreciated.

The Three Treasures: Helping You Amplify Your Self-Transformation

Each day we bring the Three Treasures concept alive at Advaya Healing. Since Advaya’s inception, the idea that our human configuration mirrors our universe found practical applications in the numerous energetic bodywork treatments we designed and delivered. That this approach works is not just reflected by growing numbers of return clients but, more importantly, by the magnitude of the physical and mental-emotional shifts they continue to experience.

Our translations of the Three Treasures deliver energetic bodywork treatments that relax you physically, emotionally, and mentally. While you remain in that state even beyond the completion of the treatment, the effects of the work often continue to unfold for another twelve to thirty-six hours. Most of our clients tell us they feel more together, calmer, and peaceful after each treatment. Usually, they also experience significant mental and emotional changes, which manifest as heightened clarity, improved focus and concentration, and deeper and less broken sleep at night.

Without doubt, the Three Treasures concept helps me create and deliver energetic bodywork treatments that are not just effective, but also ones that are relevant to each of our client’s health focus, and meaningful to their self transformation work. As one of my clients said recently: “Once you understand what energetic bodywork can do for you, and how the Three Treasures concept affect all of our lives, going back is no longer an option”.

In terms of using the Three Treasures concept as a foundation for my energetic bodywork there is, indeed, no longer a going back at all.