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Help us develop Advaya Healing

Now that we have opened our practice doors it is time to focus on the development of Advaya’s promotional materials. So far we have welcomed people who visited us through hearsay and recommendations. Other than putting up our signage outside our Beach and Tilley Road practices, and the work we have done on our website, we have not made any serious efforts to develop marketing materials of any kind. That’s about to change.

Developing unique Advaya Healing content

We believe that all our promotional content must be completely unique to Advaya. Practically, this means that we will write and publish all of our promotional content ourselves. And although we could also buy and use some of the high-quality stock photography and footage that is available to today to compliment that writing we prefer to create our own. For this we will now be looking for people who are prepared to model for us.

Of course, if you are interested in modelling for us, we do not expect you to do so for nothing. Read more about how we plan to reward your support below this page.

How will the photos and videos be used?

When you look at the top of each Advaya Healing website page you see a photo that stretches your entire screen. These images are commonly referred to as Banners. Presently, most of the images we are using for these banners are stock photos, which can be purchased by anyone. Although they may not appear common we know that each is used on other websites. Our plan is now to create our own unique images that portray our bodywork therapies more honestly.

These new images will also be used in other ways throughout our website and will also appear on our social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Liker for example. In the future, we may also open channels on other social media platforms, on which we may publish these photos.

Aside from taking photos we will also shoot some short videos. These videos will be used in the same ways as the photography.

To ensure we keep our promotions consistent in look, feel, and overall style, we may use the photos also for the design of our printed materials. Such materials may include posters, physical banners, brochures, leaflets, folders, and other paper based collateral.

What type of models are we looking for?

We will be looking for perhaps four to six men and women who are prepared to act as treatment clients. At least three shoots will be organized if we select six models in total. We plan to organize at least one male-only and one female-only shoot, which means that multiple models will be present at each shoot. Of course, we will try to accommodate requests for single-person shoots if more privacy is preferred.

Because both photos and videos should accurately portray the variety of our ever-growing number of clients we intend to select models across a broad range of skin tones, body figures, and age. Rather than looking for any type of perfection in the models we will be selecting, we will focus on diversity with a sense of realism. Most importantly, we will be looking for people who will help us make these shoots fun, fluid, and easy going to make each a positive and memorable event.

Where and when will we be shooting the photos and videos?

We plan to shoot all photos and videos on Sunday mornings at our practice at Beach Road, Paekakariki. We have kept the following dates and times clear for these events:

  • Session I – Sunday, 19 July, 2020 – 08:30-12:00AM
  • Session II – Sunday, 26 July, 2020 – 08:30-12:00AM
  • Session III – Sunday, 2 August – 08:30 – 12:00AM

All photos and videos will be taken inside our practice. 

Additional session may follow, depending on our future promotional needs and requirements. We will announce these dates on our Advaya Healing Facebook page, which you may wish to ‘Like’ to be notified automatically. 

What’s important for you to know…

Before you decide to help us you may want to read the following to understand how we will approach each shoot practically, and what we will do with the materials you will be helping to create. Please read each of these points carefully.

Some basic requirements

  • At each shoot we will take photos and videos digitally in the privacy of our practice. All material will be created indoors.
  • Very likely, the photographer will be female. A male – me – will simulate a variety of massage and bodywork treatments.
  • You must be comfortable to be present in your lower underwear. As a female, therefore, you must be comfortable with photos and videos taken of you while not wearing any upper body apparel.
  • Although we appreciate tattoos and piercings, they are not suitable for the photos and videos we are planning to take. Ideally, you should have none on your back, upper chest area, abdomen (the region above your pubic bone and below halfway your upper leg). Henna or other types of temporary adornments can be acceptable.
  • To be considered as a model you must be at least 22 years old.
  • None of the photos and footage that will eventually be used for our promotional materials will feature your face in ways that makes you recognizable or identifiable. Physical features that may make you recognizable or identifiable which might be located on your back, chest, neck, shoulders, abdomen, arms, hands, legs, and feet will not be edited (obscured) and might therefore be used by us ‘as is’.
  • No photos or footage will be taken of your genital region which, for the purposes of this shoot, we will simply define as the entire region that is normally covered by your lower underwear. Similarly, none of the photos or videos we intend to take and use for publication will feature a female breast or nipple fully.
  • Your chest, hips, arms, neck, abdomen, and upper legs should not be bruised or visibly injured otherwise. Scars are no problem.
  • Photos and videos will only be taken with your consent. We will clearly signal to you when photos and videos will be taken. No photos or videos will be taken when you undress at the beginning of the shoot, and none will be taken when you re-dress in preparation for your departure.
  • All photos and videos taken will remain our property and, as such, will not be made available to anyone else, including individuals and commercial entities. None of the photos and videos taken will be made available on the internet for use by other parties.
  • We will make available to you electronic copies of the photos and videos we have taken of you (and you only) within three days after they were taken. Most likely we will share these photos and videos through an online file sharing site such as Dropbox.

What you promise us

  • To have read and understand all points printed above.
  • To not make available to another practice similar to that of ours the photos and videos we share with you.
  • To not expect to receive a full and complete healing treatment from us during the shoot.
  • To ask any questions about the shoot and our modeling request to ensure you remain completely informed about all steps and stages of the shoot.

What is in it for each model?

Once you have modeled for us we will automatically reward you with a voucher for a free 90-minute treatment valued at $85.00. You can either gift this voucher to a friend or redeem it yourself!

This voucher, which remains valid for six (6) months after you received it, will offer you a single full bodywork treatment at our Beach Road practice in Paekakariki. 

To redeem your voucher, contact our practice to schedule your session. 

Interested? How do we contact you?

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